Week of Play and Wonder Open Gaming Evening 2016 – May 20


WOPAWPlay is an experience for young and old.  We play from the moment that we realise our fingers are ours.  We play when we stir our coffee.  We play when we solve problems.

Come along and play with us at the The Idea Collective in MOTAT during Techweek AKL.

All AKL Tech Week and over the weekend, The Idea Collective showcased games curated by AUT Pigsty, The Arcade Auckland and the InGame, ranging from local indie talent, students, tech, and “serious games”.

Then on the Friday we invited Wild Streets and other guests along to join the fun and doors were open to the public for a night of free play, networking, talks, demonstrations and drinks.

Check out the highlight video.

What an action packed two hours it was.

With the humming and whirring of games as the backdrop for guests to connect for future collaborations there was a distinct childlike playfulness in the air.

And here is where I thank all those involved.

Firstly to Luke Diggins, and especially Li-Ming Hu, from the Idea Collective for holding everything together.  They very clearly did most of the heavy lifting for the event and allowed us to throw WOPAW against their existing content as a backdrop.  I should also mention Kate Anwen and Alice and Matt Gatland (apologies if I missed anyone) from the Pop Up Arcade for their on-going curation of some of the Idea Collective content.

Thanks to those who helped source the new content.  Joe Chang for the local indie work from The Arcade Auckland community, Stephen Knightly for the educational games sourced through his connections at InGame and myself (shhh…  I can thank myself) Ben Kenobi from AUT Pigsty for the experimental work from AUT students.

The biggest thanks goes to all of the great local content creators from the aforementioned communities that allowed their work to be showed, and in many cases, came along to demonstrate them.  You made the event what it was.  It would be imprudent to name them all, and I’m sure I’ll miss someone if I tried, but you are the stars of the show.  Thank you for, as you can see on the video, a great set of content.  Next year I hope we can afford the time to coordinate twice as much (I can hear Li-Ming crying “Nooooooo” in the distance).

Thanks also to The Wild Streets Festival crew for cranking the playfulness factor to eleven with the two ‘street’ games they brought along.

Thanks to Motat for allowing all involved the opportunity to come together.

Thanks to Hallertau for providing fantastic drinks – yum – hope this becomes a recurring theme.

To Colab and AUT for sponsoring the big screens.

To anyone I may have missed: I apologize.  I thank you too.

Thank you all.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


The event was run at.

805 Great North Road
Western Springs
Auckland 1022

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