Morgan Jaffit at the February #AKLgamedev Meetup

Thanks to the Game Developers of Wellington meetup, NZGDA and The Arcade Auckland, Pigsty hosted Morgan Jaffit, co-founder of Brisbane based studio Defiant Development, of ‘Hand of Fate’ and ‘Ski Safari’ fame to 170 game developers at the February #AKLgamedev meetup.

Morgan Speaking at the Feb #AKLgamedev Meetup

Affected by the closure of Pandemic’s Australia studio some years ago, Morgan graciously adjusted his talk to address the closure of Auckland’s Gameloft studio and immediate loss of almost 170 jobs.  His talk was timely and set the positive tone for the evening and there was an electric feeling in the air of a shift in the local landscape of game development with new indie start-ups being formed, the NZGDA launching a new website and Job Board, The Arcade Auckland offering free working space for indies, current indies offering up advice to all who need it, NZ studios reaching out with job offerings, new collaborations and connections being made and an overall feeling of new beginnings sweping across the local scene.  The next #AKLgamedev Meetup will be held at AUT again on the 2nd of March.  You can register here to get announcements.